Abba’s Mission & Vision

Abba’s Mission is a Christian business ministry dedicated to spreading God’s love and reconciliation to the world through the transformative message of Jesus Christ. Our ministry seeks to inspire and empower individuals to experience the depth of God’s love and find reconciliation with Him.

Mission: Our mission is to proclaim God’s complete love for the world and His desire to bring every individual back to Himself through Jesus Christ, offering hope, healing, and reconciliation.

Vision: We envision a world where individuals fully grasp the extent of God’s love, experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ, and walk in reconciliation with the Father.

We provide:

  • Biblical Teachings: We offer teachings centered on the love of God and the reconciliation made possible through Jesus Christ.
  • Prophetic Insights: We deliver prophetic words and messages that provide divine guidance, encouragement, and direction to individuals seeking to understand God’s plan for their lives.

We serve the following individuals:

  • Anyone who is curious about Christianity and desires to explore biblical teachings
  • Anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Divine Plan of Father God
  • Anyone seeking prophetic insights and spiritual guidance
  • Anyone who has experienced brokenness, pain, or a sense of distance from God and is searching for wholeness